IdeaHUB: Your Destination for New Ideas and Innovative Solutions

A shared development centre transforming ideas into reality.

A place where creativity, technology, and  innovation converge

At IdeaHUB, we're a thriving innovation hub, uniting a diverse community of creative minds with a shared passion for technology, research, development, and the advancement of innovative solutions.

Our mission is to support collaboration, provide access to cutting-edge development technologies, and establish connections with local and global companies. We support both students and professionals and offer a well-equipped prototype workshop for development and project work in various fields. Our close partnerships with commercial enterprises drive real innovation, support graduate employment, and enhance product competitiveness, especially in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

In IdeaHUB, we combine innovation, collaboration, development, technology, and creativity for the benefit of our members and partner companies. We create an environment for creation, growth, and success.


Do you want to turn your technical ideas into reality? Are you eager to gain valuable practical experience in technical development even while studying? Or are you a company seeking collaboration with a creative and innovative community?

Our mission is to create an environment for realising new ideas and innovative solutions. A place where creativity, technology, and innovation come together.

  • Empowering Individuals and Businesses

    We provide students and professionals with access to basic development technologies and connections with companies, both within and beyond the Moravian-Silesian region.

  • Support for Emerging Companies

    Our members and partners are ready to share their rich experience, knowledge, and support, especially with newly emerging companies.

  • Prototype Workshop

    Our dedicated prototype workshop is where design solutions come to life. It's the hub for hands-on projects in mechanics, mechatronics, electronics, and modern manufacturing technologies.

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Active Projects

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Projects Completed

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Involved Members and Students


Our partners play a key role on our journey and contribute to our growth and success. Whether you are a company or an individual who wants to get involved in the functioning of IdeaHUB and support new talents, you can join us by clicking here.


IDEAHUB: What's Happening With Us?


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member of IdeaHUB?
To become a member of IdeaHUB, you can apply through our 'Applicants' section. We welcome students, professionals, and enthusiasts who are passionate about engineering and innovation.
What types of projects does IdeaHUB undertake?
IdeaHUB focuses on a wide range of technical development projects related to design, technology, and innovation. Our projects cover everything from design and technical drafting to practical applications, testing, and serial production. We handle projects of various scopes, from small one-off executions to long-term steady collaborations.
How can my company or organisation partner with IdeaHUB?
Partnering with IdeaHUB is a great way to support innovation in the region and collaborate on meaningful technical projects. We offer various partnership options, from equipment rental or lending, including providing facilities, design capacities, training creation, and more. Contact us to explore partnership opportunities.
What is the process for submitting project proposals to IdeaHUB?
We are happy to undertake the realisation of your development project, propose technical solutions, or manufacture the necessary part or equipment. Each project is individual and requires identifying your needs, specifying the task, assessing the most suitable approach, and feasibility checking to ensure that the result meets your expectations. Contact us for more information about our capabilities.

Still have questions?  Get in touch.