Magnetic Probe Holder

ANS NDT Czech s.r.o.
Realisation Period: 07.2023 - present

Concept, Design, Construction, Functional prototype, Testing, Prototyping

We have completed the entire design of a magnetic probe holder, which is used for non-destructive measurement of pipe thickness. It is a special vehicle on a magnetic chassis, equipped with sensors for measuring wall thickness, capable of freely moving on steel structures and pipes, even vertically or upside down. The carrier is wirelessly controlled via a transmitter, allowing it to work independently at great heights. Currently, a functional prototype of the vehicle has been created, on which drives, construction suitability, and all necessary functions according to customer requirements were tested.

After testing and approval of the entire concept, the design transitioned to the prototype production phase. The aim of the entire project is a robust and reliable magnetic vehicle for NDT testing. The vehicle is capable of driving around the entire circumference of steel pipes and measuring their thickness. It is remotely controlled using a transmitter, and WiFi communication occurs between the measuring probe and the operator. The final prototype will have the option of wheel replacement and increasing the width of the vehicle. The entire carrier will be protected by covering.