Neurorehabilitation Desk

Yakna s.r.o.
Realisation Period: 08.2021 – 02.2023

Concept, Design, Construction, Electronics Design, Prototype Manufacturing

This project involved designing and manufacturing a neurorehabilitation board. It's a light modular panel used for patients suffering from brain disorders. Therapists can create effective stimuli necessary for the patient's brain rehabilitation using this device. The board interacts with patients through light stimuli, prompting them to respond correctly. Additionally, the board's control unit records several programs, allowing for the evaluation of patient response speed and accuracy, enhancing neurorehabilitation effectiveness and progress. For instance, the panel illuminates a random field and waits for contact with a cube.

The board design included the overall design proposal, construction design of a durable cover, and electronic printed circuit board (PCB) design. The board is sized A4, with multiple boards capable of assembling into A3 and A2 formats using magnets. IdeaHUB also carried out prototype manufacturing, which was subsequently tested during rehabilitation operations. The resulting product is highly compact, durable, and modular, with very positive feedback from therapists.