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'Innovation is Our Heartbeat'


IdeaHUB serves as a dynamic shared development center, fostering connectivity among a vibrant community united by their fervour for technology, advancement, and pioneering solutions.

At IdeaHUB, our core focus lies in technical development and engineering, specialising in the design of machinery, equipment, and mechanical components. Our comprehensive services encompass every stage of technical development, starting from initial sketches and design studies, progressing through meticulous engineering design, prototyping, and culminating in the creation of fully tested and functional samples primed for serial production. Our expertise extends across a spectrum of technical projects spanning mechanics, mechatronics, and electronics - all seamlessly executed under one roof.

Situated within the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center in Ostrava, IdeaHUB operates at the nexus of the local innovation ecosystem. We seamlessly integrate innovation, collaboration, development, and technology to empower our members and partner companies. Our environment fosters creativity, technical development, and innovative solutions, providing a platform for ideation and growth. Moreover, we actively engage students throughout the ecosystem, offering them hands-on experience in real-world technical development during their studies.


We create an environment where technology, production, and the exchange of knowledge thrive.

At IdeaHUB, our mission is to foster collaboration, facilitate access to state-of-the-art development technologies, and forge connections with both local and global companies. We provide comprehensive support to both students and professionals, offering a fully equipped prototyping workshop conducive to development and project work across various fields. Through our strategic partnerships with commercial enterprises, we catalyze genuine innovation, bolster graduate employability, and elevate the competitiveness of products, with a primary focus on the Moravian-Silesian Region. Our commitment extends to enabling students to engage with these innovations throughout their academic journey, actively involving them in technical practice and real-world applications.

  • Foster Innovation

    We bring together a community of creative people on the basis of common interests in research, development, applications, education, and the popularization of innovative technologies. We work closely with local commercial companies, creating ties between companies and students at VŠB-TU Ostrava. This collaboration results in real-world innovation projects, supporting the employment of graduates and enhancing product competitiveness in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

  • Empower Individuals and Businesses

    We provide students and professionals with access to basic development technologies and connections with companies, both within and beyond the Moravian-Silesian region.

  • Support Emerging Companies

    Our members and partners are ready to share their rich experience, knowledge, and support, especially with newly emerging companies.

  • Support Prototype Production

    Our dedicated prototype workshop is where design solutions come to life. It's the hub for hands-on projects in mechanics, mechatronics, electronics, and modern manufacturing technologies.

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Business Development, Construction



Construction, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering



Construction, Machinery and Equipment Design, 3D Printing



Machinery and Equipment Design, Laser Engraving


External Collaborator

Machinery and Equipment Design, 3D Printing


External Collaborator

Machinery and Equipment Design, 3D Printing