Adjustable Bed

Evobeds s.r.o.
Realisation Period: 02.2018 - Present

Concept, Construction, Production Documentation, Prototype, Testing

Evobeds has been our long-term customer who approached us for the development of a design-adjustable bed. During our collaboration, not only the bed itself but also its accessories such as a bar, side rails, bedside table, dining counter, and lamp were developed. The bed allows easy fitting of these accessories into prepared slots on the bed fronts. The entire bed assembly contains uniform design elements that appear across all configurations and complement the modern bed design effectively.

IdeaHUB addressed the construction of the entire adjustable bed frame, the kinematics of the adjustable mechanism and drives, the structural design and kinematics of the adjustable side rail, and the design of optional bed accessories such as the bar with handle, bedside table, dining counter, and lamp.