Tirtan - Electron Changer

Nutristamina s.r.o.
Realisation Period: 03.2022 – 02.2024

Concept, Design, Construction, Production Documentation, Prototype, Testing, Serial Production

IdeaHUB designed the mixer, tubing, and the hydrogen generator casing. Various design proposals were considered, and the selected option was developed and tested. The entire process of design and prototyping was carried out, from defining the concept and basic parameters to producing a functional prototype, and finally to manufacturing documentation, molding parts, and equipment assembly.

The development aimed to design a device for hydrogenating liquid or any other gas, consisting of a molecular hydrogen generator, a mixer for infusing hydrogen into liquid or beverage, and connecting tubing with connectors. The generator contains a long-lasting ultra-pure water filling, from which hydrogen is electrolytically produced. It is then transported to the mixer via a special high-tightness connecting tubing. This part of the device is immersed in the carbonated liquid, and by creating a vortex with precisely defined properties, it infuses molecular hydrogen into the liquid or beverage, enhancing its antioxidant effects. The infused hydrogen does not affect the composition or sensory and taste properties of the water, allowing even ionized drinks, necessary during convalescence, to be carbonated. These properties make this device suitable for use in medicine, rehabilitation, elite sports, or home prevention.

The device underwent thorough and long-term testing to verify its functionality. Testing was conducted in collaboration with medical professionals and elite athletes. The device's operating principle is protected by a Czech patent (PV2021-460) and several international patents.