Vertical Garden Planter

Graseko s.r.o.
Realisation Period: 08.2021 – 02.2023

Concept, Construction, Production Documentation, Prototype, Testing, Serial Production

At IdeaHUB, we were tasked by the customer to design a vertical garden system. We proposed not only the structural design and shape of the planters, which serve multiple functions, but also a modular hanging system and an electronic unit that controls irrigation according to preset rules. The entire system is modular and allows for the creation of any shape of green wall according to the shape of the facade. In the design, it was necessary to address not only the planters themselves but also issues such as the drainage of excess water outside the planter located below, which prevents the accumulation of irrigation in the lower planters, easy disassembly and servicing of specific planters without the need to disassemble surrounding planters, etc.

IdeaHUB focused on the structural design of the planter with emphasis on modularity, manufacturability, durability, ease of assembly, disassembly, and potential servicing. After prototyping testing, we proceeded with mould production and serial production by injection moulding. The proposed vertical garden system meets all the customer's requirements, who has already implemented numerous green walls with this system and offers the product on their e-shop.