Forging Press

Kovořemeslná huť Praha s.r.o.
Realisation Period: 04.2023 – 12.2023

Concept, Design, Construction, Production Documentation, Prototype

IdeaHUB carried out the entire process of designing the press, from defining the concept and basic parameters, through various design proposals, development of the selected variant, to production documentation and the production of a functional prototype. The entire device was tested and adjusted based on testing.

The goal was to design a mobile forging press for professional and hobby use by blacksmiths, with simple operation and the ability to be divided into two parts. All parts except for the piston and anvils are covered to ensure safety, easy maintenance, and an attractive appearance. Control is possible both by pedal and by hand, supplemented with precise control and sensors for the entire mechanism with preset pressing programs. Key features include ergonomic placement of controls and quick changeability of anvils. The construction is designed to achieve optimal pressing parameters with low weight and compactness.