Air Cannon

Město Karolinka
Realisation period: 01.2023 – 05.2023

Concept, Design, Construction, Production documentation, Prototype, Final product

At the request of the customer IdeaHUB developed an air cannon, serving as an attraction at cultural events. The goal was to mimic a real cannon, both visually and in terms of control. The cannon is used to shoot at targets at various distances, projectiles are in the form of foam balls and are launched by compressed air. During development, several versions and designs of the cannon were considered. The final version resembles a small field cannon with two wheels, two support legs, a shield, and aiming mechanism. To fire, one pulls the rope. The pneumatic system is powered by a portable compressor, charging is manual mechanical, and the actual shot is realized pneumatically. The IdeaHUB team created a visual design, 3D documentation, drawing documentation of some parts, and finally, the actual version of the cannon.