IdeaHub’s main goals are:

  • Create and maintain shared workshop and laboratory space
  • Develop innovative and technical skills of its members
  • Contribute to solutions of real innovative problems in practice
  • Encourage technical skills and thinking of its members creating practical solutions to these innovative problems
  • Develop innovative skills of its members on the basis of TRIZ methodology
  • Cooperate with other non-profit organizations of similar nature
  • Build a database of cooperating companies capable to cooperate on development design tasks
  • Organize seminars, conferences and other educational, training and popularization activities
  • Increase qualification and professional skills of its members

Those goals are fulfilled with an ambition to create:

  • Close link between students and their  potential employers
  • Cooperation with the Technical University of Ostrava on themes of diploma theses
  • Prototypes production support and student diploma theses
  • Community of technically minded and creative people who want to share their experiences with other members
  • Active support for start-up companies (mentoring, prototype workshop, searching for investors)