About us

IdeaHub is a shared development center based in the Science and Technology Park in Ostrava. It brings together a community of creative people with the common interest in the field of research, development, applications, education and popularization of innovative technologies.

The main aim of IdeaHub is to create community and a framework for work on innovative technology projects and their production as well as the mutual exchange of information and knowledge among its members. It gives students and professionals the access to basic innovative technologies and networking with corporations in Moravian-Silesian Region.

IdeaHub provides a prototype workshop where members can form their design solutions when working on projects in the fields of mechanics, mechatronics and electronics, and learn to work with modern production technologies.

IdeaHub works closely with local technology companies on the development of their new products. This collaboration enables the close relationship between these companies and students of the local Technical University of Ostrava. As a result, IdeaHub members work on real innovative projects. The aim is to support graduates of technical studies and enhancing the products’ competitiveness and processes in practice, mainly, but not exclusively in the Moravian-Silesian region.

We want to actively help newly emerging start-up companies in the early days of their business activities. It is just in these difficult beginnings when the IdeaHub partners and members provide their experience, skills and knowledge to these new companies with promising business ideas.